Library Card


Anyone can get a library card it just takes a few moments...

  • All that you need is your name, address, and telephone number.  We can fill the card out with a barcode and put your information in the computer in a matter of minutes and you will be set to use the card for the following services...
  • How to use the library card
    • Checking out books, magazines and DVDs
    • Limit 5 books and 3 DVDs no limit on magazines
    • Books and Magazines are due in two weeks
    • DVDs are due in one week.
    • At this time we perfer you drop the material in the drop box and then proceed into library to check out material.
    • You can renew material by a simple phone call or by bringing it into the library.
    • For late material there may be a fine on the overdue items.
    • You can request any book or DVD and the librarian will either purchase them for the library or burrow them for a neighboring library. 
    • If the DVD or book you wish to check out is already checked out please let the librarian know and they will reserve that item for you and contact you when it comes into the library!